1. Climbing Frames & Playhouses

    Climbing Frames & Playhouses

    With Jungle Gym you will build a quality playset that brings outdoor fun for many many years. All our playsets are expandable and can be customized with the addition of a wide variety of modules and accessories. There are towers for every taste, available space and budget, a huge selection! You can always decide to expand later so the playset can grow just as your child grows. The outdoor playsets come with enjoyable extras such as a Jungle Flag and Jungling Cards to invite your friends over to play. Also, lots of towers already include wonderful fun accessories, such as the steering wheel, talking tube, climbing rope, picnic-table, fun phone and staroscope.

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  2. Inspection and maintenance

    Inspection and maintenance
    For the safety of the children, the Jungle Gym must of course be thoroughly inspected after assembly and before use. Inspect the playset subjected to the safety inspections as mentioned below once at the beginning of each season and further twice monthly during the season. If the maintenance checks are not carried out regularly the playground equipment may fall over or otherwise be hazardous.
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  3. General safety instructions

    General safety instructions

    Jungle Gym® kits contain specially developed hardware. This material is designed with great care and with the safety of your children as a first matter of importance. The hardware has no sharp angles or protruding parts and is protected against all kinds of weather. All the parts in the kits are designed according to the EN 71-1,-2,-3, -8 & -9 (European Safety Standard) for domestic use, on the condition that the playground equipment is assembled and used properly in accordance with the manual. Do not deviate from these plans or alter the design.

    Warnings. Only for domestic use. Only for outdoor use. Maximum user weight is 50 Kg. Not suitable for children under three years. Suitable for children from three to ten years. This product is intended only for domestic use. Usage in a public setting such as a park, playground or school is a misuse of the product and may result in premature wear and also serious injury.

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  4. Modules


    The Jungle Gym modules allow for quick and easy extension of the playground. You can always decide to expand later so the play set can grow as your child grows. The possibilities are endless!

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